Age Discrimination Bad for Employment and Health

Age discrimination is illegal in the workplace, but still impacts a significant portion of the labor force. New research shows that individuals who suffer from age discrimination may be at risk of more than just their employment status. According to a study conducted by the Florida State College of Medicine, individuals who believe that they have suffered age discrimination also suffer poorer health. The impact of age discrimination on health has shown to be worse than even the impact of perceived racism or sexism.
Age Discrimination
In the state of California, age discrimination is illegal. Failure to hire, promote, or termination based on age discrimination may give rise to a civil action against an employer company. Our Los Angeles age discrimination attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of employees. If you believe you have suffered from age discrimination in the workplace, our legal team will take immediate action on your behalf. In addition to providing sound counsel and advocacy to victims of discrimination, we are abreast of the legal developments and research that may impact our clients.

According to the study that was published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, researchers tracked the changes in health of individuals over a four-year period. They had done previous research on whether perceived discrimination based on weight was associated with the risk of obesity. Using prior results, the researchers wanted to test whether the same association could extend to other types of discrimination. An initial study revealed that adults who believed that they had been discriminated against because of their weight suffered health declines more significantly than those who did not suffer from perceived discrimination.

Researchers looked at health records for more than 6,000 adults between the years of 2006 and 2010. The participants reported their physical, emotional and cognitive health during this period. They also reported their perceptions of age discrimination during this period. The results indicated that those who perceived that they suffered age discrimination fared worse physically and emotionally than those who did not suffer from discrimination. The study found that other forms of discrimination, including discrimination based on sex, race, or sexual orientation did not impact health in later years.

Combined, the studies show that individuals who suffer from age or weight discrimination may suffer more negative health consequences that other fixed characteristics, such as sex or race. The most significant repercussion of this discrimination was a greater feeling of loneliness which also led to other unhealthy behaviors, including depression, insomnia and cardiovascular risks. Suicide was also a greater risk for individuals who suffered from perceived age discrimination.

Another alarming statistic that arose from this study is the number of older adults who believed that they suffered some kind of age discrimination. Of the older adults in the study, 63% said they suffered from age discrimination either in the workplace or in other settings. This perceived discrimination can be linked to a host of health issues, including chronic stress. If you believe you have suffered from age discrimination in the workplace, remember that you do have rights. An experienced advocate can review your case and take any necessary and available legal action.

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