How Your Employer should Handle Race Discrimination Complaints

Race Discrimination is a serious problem across various industries in the United States.


Although Employers should be aware of how to handle discrimination complaints, the employment lawyers in Orange County know that many employers do not take appropriate steps to combat race discrimination in the workplace.

If approached with a race discrimination complaint employers should keep an open mind. A problem arises when employers have difficulty accepting that harassment or discrimination could be happening on their watch.

Employers should also always treat an individual who complains of discrimination with compassion and respect. Often employers do not fully understand how difficult complaining of discrimination can be. Employees often feel afraid and very vulnerable.

Unfortunately, not all employer’s realize that if an employer does not take a complaint seriously it could have a negative impact on that employees work performance.

Working in a discriminatory environment can be a troubling, distracting, and painful experience for any employee.

Some employers can be especially poor at handling complaints. If you bring a complaint to the attention to your employer the employer is not allowed to punish you in any way for complaining – It is your right to complain.

Employer’s often have procedures established for handling a race discrimination complaint. However, far too often these procedures are not followed and the employee is not given the benefit of the policies set in place.

An employee who brings a complaint of discrimination expects the complaint to be kept as confidential as possible. In many cases an employer is not careful with the information and this will cause negative side-effects.

If for example the employee who is accused of discrimination finds out who filed a complaint it could easily lead to more serious forms of discrimination.

Also, if the rest of the staff gets wind of a discrimination complaint, other employees might start to treat the complainer differently.

If you bring a complaint to your employer they should look for corroboration among other employees. Sometimes this may be difficult but basic facts can be proven from the use of objective means, such as attendance records, time cards, and schedules.

Keeping careful written records of all interactions is an important part of the employer’s job but an employee should keep their own records of complaints filed, actions taken, and meetings held.

Finally, when an employer has verified a worker’s complaint they must take appropriate action against the wrongdoer.

Instances of stalking, threats, or repeated unwanted physical contact warrant termination of the wrongdoer.

At the very least counseling and a warning must be given to the offending party. If your employer has not taken these steps they may have fallen short of their obligations.

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