Administration is Pushing for an end to LBGT Discrimination

The administration is calling for an end to LBGT discrimination at the federal level. The administration, particularly Vice President Joe Biden, is calling for an end to workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation.


Our Costa Mesa LBGT discrimination attorneys can help you understand your legal rights and what you should do if you have fallen victim to LGBT discrimination in the workplace.

At the recent Human Rights Campaign located in Los Angeles, Biden spoke out against organizations that may terminate, or otherwise discriminate against employees who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT).

In addition to Biden’s opinion, the administration is calling for new legislation to help prevent workplace discrimination. The proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) would restrict companies operating with 15 or more employees from making decisions based on the sexual orientation or gender of an individual.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would apply to many aspects of the employment relationship including promoting, firing, and hiring employees. Only the U.S. Military and religious organizations would be exempted from the act.

Business owners claim that they have have Civil Rights that also must be upheld, such as the First Amendment right to operate their business without government intervention.

Nearly 200 lawmakers encouraged the administration was to sign an executive order that would protect gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual Americans.

The reason the executive order is necessary is due to the fact that even though the Employment Non-Discrimination Act has passed the Senate it does not appear to be moving in the House.

Under the executive order the administration could only ban employment discrimination by government contractors. If legislation was passed through both houses and signed into law the statute would protect all employees from discrimination.

Senate democrats have urged the president to sign the executive order in an official letter but there were no Republican signatures.

Despite the seeming divide along party lines lawmakers are seeing an overall increase in support for the measure. Last year the same letter was circulated and signed by a dozen fewer Senators and approximately 40 fewer lawmakers in the House.

The issue of workplace discrimination is one that has plagued California employees for generations. In today’s business world, LGBT discrimination is an aspect of discrimination that is becoming an increasing concern. Of course, the fact that it is practically impossible to truly verify whether an individual is LGBT, makes it more difficult for lawmakers and business owners to determine the best way to proceed with protecting the Civil Rights of each individual entity involved.

For California employees, discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal, and should be promptly dealt with without fear of retaliation. If discrimination has occurred, the employee should immediately seek out their legal rights and be sure that they are protected from harm.

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