Gender Bias Negatively Impacts Hiring Decisions

Women seeking jobs in math dependent professions are discriminated against regularly by biased employers.


Our employment lawyers in California know that gender bias is a real problem for female employees in the workforce.

A recent report in the Washington Post discusses just how severe gender bias can be in relation to women and mathematics. According to the report, a recent experiment assessed the verbal and mathematical ability of young people all over the world in an effort to determine just how real gender bias is in regard to mathematical ability.

The experiment itself was cleverly designed, as participants were unaware that statistically men and women perform the task given on an equal footing. Participants were grouped into two groups, job candidates and job employers.

The candidates were asked to add a series of two-digit numbers as quickly and accurately as possible. It is well-known that men and women consistently perform the same on this type of test. Once this task was completed the job employers were asked to select the best candidates based on varying degrees of information. In some cases the employer was only allowed to see the candidate for a brief moment (which allowed them to deduce gender). In this situation men were selected twice as frequently as women.

In addition, when the employer was given the chance to speak with the candidate about their performance on the test, male candidates were far more boastful and confident in their level of performance while women tended to underestimate their ability.

What may be even more startling is that the employers’ prejudice against the female participants was evident even when the employer was a woman. What this means for women in math-dependent workplaces is that gender bias and discrimination is extraordinarily pervasive. It is also illegal. In California, there are laws in place to protect any employee, regardless of gender, from discrimination. The United States federal government also has laws that protect employees from discrimination and violation of their Civil Rights.

In short, any employee in California that feels that he or she has fallen victim to age discrimination in the workplace may have legal rights, including filing a discrimination case against his or her employer.

The process of filing such a claim can be tedious and complicated. It is important for employees to be aware of their legal rights and know how to defend themselves should an issue arise. Moreover, understanding that there are avenues for support in the event of discrimination can help make a difference early after an incident occurs.

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