L.A. Call Center Sued for Sexual Harassment

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will often be the first to intervene in the event of discrimination or another violation against an employee. In a recent case, the federal agency has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles call-center company for continued and pervasive sexual harassment as well as retaliation against those employees who voiced their complaints. The lawsuit against VXI Global Solutions was filed in federal court and seeks to stop behavior and compensate those employees who suffered from harassment.

skyscrapesSexual harassment in the workplace may take different forms. In some cases, an employee may suffer from lewd comments or sexual advances from a superior. In other cases, an employee may have been approached with a “quid pro quo” offer for a career advancement or threats against a current position. Our Orange County employment law attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness to protect the rights of our clients. In addition to advocating for Southern California employees, we are also abreast of employment disputes throughout the state and nationwide.

According to CBS Local reports, the defendant company provides call services for Verizon, DirecTV and other communications companies. The complaint details egregious behavior against employees, many who were groped or shown pornographic images. Other employees endured sexually explicit comments about their bodies and innuendos from their superiors. According to a male employee, a female supervisor tried to give him a lap dance. The complaint, filed by the EEOC, alleges that the inappropriate and illegal behavior was known to management because of the open design of the office. The plaintiffs also assert that when they filed complaints they were disciplined and some were fired.

The international call company is based in Los Angeles and is facing a federal lawsuit that alleges the company failed to curb behavior and retaliated against employees who tried to report misconduct. Currently, the call center company has 15,000 employees throughout the United States, Asia, and Latin America. A representative from the EEOC says that the case is unique because it impacted both female and male employees. The men suffered from additional harassment for failing to be “not masculine” when they objected and reported the behavior. According to the lawsuit, the misconduct dates back at least five years and was initiated and perpetuated by a supervisor who created a hostile work environment. There were at least 7 victims fired for complaining of the misconduct. The perpetrators were both men and women and there are six women and three men named as victims.

This case is a reminder that sexual harassment can take many forms and can affect both male and female employees. Individuals who have suffered from sexual harassment should be able to confidently report misconduct to employers and be protected against retaliation. If you believe you have suffered from sexual harassment in the workplace, you have the right to take legal action. An experienced attorney can review the facts of your case, determine the best course of action, and pursue settlement or jury verdict to achieve optimal results.

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