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Employees’ rights to take family leave are protected by federal law. The Family Medical Leave Act ensures that employees will not be terminated for taking leaves of absence for qualifying circumstances. California employees whose rights are violated can take legal action against their employers.FMLA attorneys

According to the Department of Labor, the FMLA provides employees with up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave per year. The employee may not be fired during this time, and group health benefits must be maintained by the employer. Qualifying family leave can be obtained for: birth or care of a newborn; placement of a foster or adoptive child with the employee; to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition; or when the employee is unable to work due to a serious health condition. Despite the fact that FMLA has been the law since 1993, employers continue to violate this law.

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A woman has filed a labor lawsuit stating that her employer wrongfully fired her rather than make reasonable accommodations for her doctor-verified illness.sadsillohette

Our Costa Mesa employment lawyers know that this case centers on a federal law known as the Family and Medical Leave Act. The law has strict applications, but it is intended to protect the jobs of those who need leave for specified medical emergencies pertaining to either the employee or the employee’s family.

Workers who are approved of FMLA are entitled to a total of 12 work weeks’ worth of leave over the course of one year under the following conditions:

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