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Almost all gender discrimination lawsuits in California are filed by women. It’s well-established that women as a whole are offered less prestigious jobs, are paid less, promoted less and are targeted more frequently for sexual harassment.sad

So is it ever valid for a male employee to file a gender discrimination claim? Before you roll your eyes at the notion, consider first of all that discrimination against a man simply because of their gender is just as illegal as if the roles are reversed. Now consider the case recently filed in Federal District Court in San Jose against Yahoo.

The former Yahoo manager lost his job after the company came under the direction of female chief executive Marissa Mayer. In his complaint, he alleges the quarterly performance review favored by Mayer is discriminatory against men. The process requires superiors to rank every worker on a scale of 1 to 5. Those ratings were integral in the firing of hundreds of workers since Mayer took over in 2012. Workers with the lowest of those rankings were routinely trimmed from the roles. Continue Reading ›

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