Trump Under Fire for Sexual Harassment Comments

Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential nominee, caused a stir (again) by answering a reporter’s question about sexual harassment by saying that if his daughter Ivanka were to face it, he would, “advise her to find another career or find another company.” Attempting to clarify his father’s remarks, son Eric Trump said his sister, “wouldn’t allow herself to be subjected” to sexual harassment. woman

These comments came soon after Fox News chief Roger Ailes was accused of sexually harassing a slew of current and former female staff members, including one-time Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson.

Wherever you stand politically, it’s necessary to point out that victims of sexual harassment should not have to change careers or jobs because of the illegal behavior of their co-workers. Sometimes sexual harassment victims do end up taking this course of action when the abuse and/or harassment becomes so severe, though it’s worth noting that not everyone has the option of such fluidity in their jobs or careers. Beyond that, some don’t want to leave their jobs or careers, either because they love it or they need the money. Those who find themselves forced out of the workplace or having suffered some other negative outcome on their careers. In those cases, it is absolutely worthwhile to explore a sexual harassment lawsuit. 

Not only can this be a means of receiving justified monetary compensation for the losses incurred, it’s a means of ensuring there is a pathway for the next potential victim in the same situation. (Numerous women have since come forward to speak about Ailes’ alleged sexual harassment against them after Carlson filed her claim.)

Meanwhile, USA Today in its research of more than 4,000 previous and pending legal actions involving Trump and his various businesses indicate there are at least two that are related to sexual harassment. They are among 130 labor lawsuits filed against Trump and his companies over the last 30 years. (The investigation of these legal actions by the newspaper is still ongoing.)

An assistant general council for the presidential candidate insists Trump and his companies have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment – or any kind of harassment. She insisted such claims are encouraged to be reported and all are investigated promptly and thoroughly.

Just last week, an employee at a golf course owned by Trump in Florida filed a lawsuit in which she asserted she was the target of sexual advances that were unwanted and persistent. The child activity center employee said that she alerted both her direct supervisor and a human resources manager about the reported harassment and was fired just two weeks later.

There was no official response from Trump, though the vice president of the golf course called that allegation, “without merit.”

Another sexual harassment lawsuit was filed in 2010 by a server who worked in a restaurant in the Trump Hotel and Tower in Chicago. She alleged she was subjected to offensive and unwanted touching by one co-worker and sexually-charged offensive material from another. Yet when she complained about it, she said she was fired. That case was settled out-of-court in a confidential agreement.

In addition to these sexual harassment claims, companies run by Trump have faced down more than 24 for discrimination based on sex, race or age.

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