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In the past few years, we have been hearing a lot about what is being called cyber terrorism. Whether it involves breaking into government computers and breaching personal data on hundreds of thousands of employees and their families, hacking a Department of Defense database, or hacking Sony’s computer network to prevent the release of a major motion picture, cyber terrorism is becoming a major concern.

circuit-board-1-1387982-mTo help address this problem, the tech firms in California, especially, are working on new services they refer to as technology information security systems, and that means there are a lot of jobs being created. According to a recent news report from CBS Los Angeles, many of these new jobs are being created right here in Los Angeles and Orange County.   Continue Reading ›

According to a recent news article in the Los Angeles Business Journal, Health Net, Inc. has announced it will by laying off more than 2000 of its employees and offering them jobs as contractors to the company.

advertisementIn total, around 1200 employees in Woodland Hills and approximately 900 employees in Rancho Cordova will be without permanent positions, according to the major insurance company. The contract positions will be offered through a third-party consulting firm. Continue Reading ›

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