Workers Say “Time’s Up” for Sexual Harassment

Time’s Up, an organization that has made a mission of creating a safe work environment for women of all kinds, is changing the sexual harassmentlandscape for sexual harassment lawsuits in the country. Thanks to generous donations from celebrities and regular citizens alike, the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund has a pool flagged for subsidizing employee lawsuits. Recently the group backed 10 former and current McDonald’s employees who filed complaints against the company for sexual harassment, according to a Fortune article.

The 10 women worked for franchisees in seven states, and both the franchisee owners and parent company McDonald’s Corp. were named in the complaints, recently filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Accusations include groping, indecent exposure, inappropriate comments, and sexual propositions. In addition, women alleged when they reported the incidents, they faced ridicule and sometimes retaliation afterward.Time’s Up arose as a response to the #MeToo movement. As people all over the country have bravely stood to be counted among those who have experienced sexual assault or harassment, many have had the courage to file formal complaints, lawsuits, and criminal charges. However, some cannot afford the often burdensome costs of litigation, so the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund was established to help women who cannot pay for their legal fees. Assistance with the McDonald’s complaints also came from Fight for $15, a group that pushes for a living wage for low-income workers. This organization has additionally set up a hotline for other McDonald’s employees who have incidents they want to report and have reviewed.

McDonald’s had 15 other sexual harassment complaints filed against them in 2016. Attorneys are reportedly attempting to consolidate these claims and the current cases with EEOC. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination. Our attorneys know it is not enough to address previous accusations; a company must take significant measures to ensure future incidents do not occur, whether by more intensive training, better reporting channels, or other methods. By combining these claims, there is an opportunity to not only find justice, but perhaps discover patterns that can lead to better prevention techniques and policies.

Our Orange County sexual harassment lawyers know there are few things worse than feeling afraid in your work environment. Sexual harassment can add a significant amount of stress and fear on workers just trying to do their jobs and make a living. The feeling only gets worse, though, when you turn to trusted managers and leaders within the company, and you cannot find the help you need. Of the McDonald’s lawsuits, one woman alleged her hours were cut after reporting sexual harassment. Another accused her employer of firing her in retaliation. Still another said she was made fun of by co-workers after she spoke up. Employees need someone they can trust to turn to when they can no longer trust their employers. That’s why we fight so hard for the rights of employees. If you find yourself facing sexual harassment and/or retaliation in the workplace, our attorneys have the experience and dedication to stand up against your employer and make sure your interests are protected first and foremost.

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