Model Behavior: Condé Nast Drafts Sexual Harassment Protections

Sexual harassment comes in many forms and happens to people across socio-economic spectrums. However, it has been the recent sexual harassmentrash of reports among celebrities and public figures that has really brought sexual harassment awareness into the mainstream. The modeling industry, in particular, has had a reputation for turning a blind eye on sexual harassment in the past that could be changing for the better as a result of this movement.

Condé Nast, publisher of such famous magazines as Glamour, Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, and Allure, has been working on a new code of conduct since October 2017 with plans to implement early this year, according to a New York Times report.

The code of conduct aims to make photo shoots safer for models and staffers, attempting to curb sexual harassment before it begins.Condé Nast said the code of conduct will apply to anyone who works on a company photo shoot. Among the new rules will be an age restriction of at least 18 years for all models. Alcohol will no longer be allowed on set, and a recommendation will be in place that a third party be present when models are scheduled to be alone with a makeup artist, photographer, or other member of the shoot.

New guidelines and extra levels of consent for nudity, partial nudity, or poses of a sexually suggestive nature will be part of the new rule set as well. Photographers will also no longer be allowed to use a set after the shoot is complete for their own personal work.

Our sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles are glad to see such prominent organizations taking precautions to reduce incidents of sexual harassment. Our team of experienced lawyers is ready to represent you should you experience sexual harassment at your place of employment in Southern California. But we want to see more companies take responsibility and prevent these unnecessary acts from the start. This is in line with CA Govt. Code 12940(k) which states an employer must take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment from occurring.

Condé Nast is familiar with dealing with the fallout of sexual harassment accusations. Recently, the company had to cut ties with two renowned photographers, at least for the immediate future. Allegations from a number of male models of improper conduct have caused the two photographers to come under scrutiny.

Hearst Magazines is also rethinking its policies, which now require independent contractors disclose pending harassment claims and make Hearst aware of any new claims that surface while working for the company.

Two major luxury fashion institutes created and signed a “model charter” in September outlining rules about employing models which addressed age, nudity, health and recourse. The initiatives by Condé Nast and Hearst were adapted from this charter.

Another group, Model Alliance, has created a Proposal for Sexual Respect in the Fashion, Entertainment, and Media Industries. The document proposes a system in which there would be independent oversight, training, certification, monitoring, and recourse of the modeling industry. The nonprofit hopes this document will help them garner support from major agencies.

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