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A California age discrimination lawsuit filed by four women laid off after decades of working for a job placement center say they were treated unfairly due to their age. age discrimination attorney

While the company attributed layoffs last year to budget constraints, the women – all over 40 – said they were all in upper managerial roles at the firm when the layoffs occurred, followed shortly thereafter by hiring younger replacements. Those employees who remained after the layoffs were then given raises of 10 percent. NBC-4 Los Angeles reported in one case, a younger woman with less experience than one of plaintiffs became a supervisor. Another alleged the director asked if she would be retiring anytime soon. One said she felt pressured to return to work early from her medical leave (during which she was undergoing chemotherapy treatments), indicating at one point, because it didn’t seem her supervisors believed the severity of the situation, that she felt compelled to open her shirt and show her scars to her supervisors.

The case is further complicated because the company contracts with Los Angeles County (specifically the Department of Workforce Development, Aging and Community) and receives local, state and federal funds to to provide workforce services to youth, adults and seniors. The County is not named as a defendant in the California age discrimination lawsuit. Plaintiffs say they not only want to be compensated for their losses, but to protect current employees from facing the same fate in the future. Continue Reading ›

A California age discrimination lawsuit brought by 15 firefighters who previously worked for the City of San Francisco has resulted in a victory and an order to pay the workers a total of $3.7 million. firefighters

The case is noteworthy for the simple fact of how much was awarded, but also because age discrimination cases tend to be tougher to prove than some other forms of harassment. The success of this case proves that workers who have faced inequitable treatment due to their age should not automatically assume their claim would be a lost cause.

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If there was one thing you could say about the would-be worker, it’s that he’s been persistent. The 49-year-old, who has been trying to secure a job with the city of Burbank for four years now, has applied for a total of 11 positions. skyscrapes

So far, he’s reportedly been turned down for nine of those, while his applications for the two other posts are pending.

In a recent California age discrimination lawsuit, the 49-year-old applicant claims he has been turned down because of his age.

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