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A California age discrimination lawsuit brought by 15 firefighters who previously worked for the City of San Francisco has resulted in a victory and an order to pay the workers a total of $3.7 million. firefighters

The case is noteworthy for the simple fact of how much was awarded, but also because age discrimination cases tend to be tougher to prove than some other forms of harassment. The success of this case proves that workers who have faced inequitable treatment due to their age should not automatically assume their claim would be a lost cause.

A consultation with an experienced Costa Mesa employment lawyer can help you decide whether filing suit is the best course of action.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in an age discrimination lawsuit brought by a former district attorney from Illinois. balance2

The high court was asked to determine whether the Age Discrimination Employment Act is the only remedy through which individuals may seek recourse for discrimination on the basis of age.

However, our Costa Mesa age discrimination attorneys understand that the case of Madigan v. Levin may not even get that far, as the justices appeared to focus less on the merits of the case and more on whether it was one they should be deciding at all.

If there was one thing you could say about the would-be worker, it’s that he’s been persistent. The 49-year-old, who has been trying to secure a job with the city of Burbank for four years now, has applied for a total of 11 positions. skyscrapes

So far, he’s reportedly been turned down for nine of those, while his applications for the two other posts are pending.

In a recent California age discrimination lawsuit, the 49-year-old applicant claims he has been turned down because of his age.

Telecommunications giant AT&T has settled yet another age discrimination claim, this time for $250,000 following a series of incidents surrounding a Missouri employee. davestressed

Our Costa Mesa age discrimination lawyers applaud any action that holds employers accountable. However, given that this is a relatively paltry sum for such a large firm and that this is far from the first time such claims have been made against this company in particular, we wonder how effective such settlements ultimately are in terms of deterrence.

This is particularly true when you’re talking about a company that rakes in $125 billion annually.

An effort to mitigate the harm done by the 2009 U.S. Supreme Court decision Gross v. FBL Financial Services is underway in both the U.S. House and Senate in the form of the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act. oldcouplewalking

Our Costa Mesa age discrimination attorneys know that the Gross decision had been a major disappointment to advocates against age discrimination, as it made it effectively made it tougher to prove such a claim.

Essentially, the Supreme Court ruled that plaintiffs who allege age discrimination was the “but for” or deciding factor in a negative employment decision. By contrast, plaintiffs who allege discrimination based upon religion, sex, race or national origin need only prove that discrimination was a “motivating factor.”

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