Yahoo Faces More Employment Cuts

Yahoo has been having trouble for a while now, and that is not much of a secret.  We have already seen a major round of employee layoffs, and, according to a recent news article from the San Francisco Gate, the company is about to make another significant reduction in the number of employees.  This current round of job cuts will mostly be in the magazine division of the company.

typingThis latest round of job losses involves over 300 employees who are currently working at the company’s California location.  The employees were told that their respective last days on the job would be April 18 of this year. Company officials say that cutting their workforce will reduce the overall operating budget, and if they are not able to do that, they will likely not be able to survive.

These cuts are the only ones currently announced in California, but they are far from the only cuts Yahoo plans to make in their offices across the globe.  The total cuts after the smoke clears will result in a loss of more than 1,600 jobs.

With respect to the over 300 jobs being cut in California, 60 of them will be in their Los Angeles office. The office in nearby Burbank will will lose around 90 employees, and the remaining workers losing their jobs are currently employed in the Sunnyvale corporate headquarters.

The magazine section, which is being affected in this recent round of cuts, is part of the company’s media division.  The media division publishes seven digital magazines.  These digital magazines cover mostly lifestyle and entertainment subjects.  The company hoped that these magazines would attract young people, but things did not go according to plan, and the magazines did not yield a significant revenue.

While there is often not much an employee facing a layoff can do to save his or her job, it is important to make sure that none of their rights as employees are violated during the layoff process.  One area that can lead to problems is when employees do not get paid out for remaining vacation days or have a meaningful opportunity to use them.

There are also issues dealing with an employee applying for unemployment.  It is important employees are able to get benefits, and this has a lot of do with how the employer classifies a termination.  If you are concerned that any of your rights are being violated, you should contact a Los Angeles employment attorney as soon as possible, so you will have someone on your side who will fight for your right to a full and appropriate financial compensation.

Another area that can become an issue when a worker is laid off or terminated has to do with workers’ compensation. It is quite possible that employee will suffer an injury or illness that is work-related, with an onset of disability after the claimant is no longer employed at the company.  A company may wrongfully deny the claim of a former employee.

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