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Five years ago, Jeff Gottlieb won the highly-coveted Pulitzer Prize while working as a reporter for the New York Times. Today, he is now preparing to face his former employer in court, alleging age discrimination following a years-long battle over the prize money. newspaper

His complaint, Gottlieb v. Los Angeles Times Communications LLC, was filed recently in Los Angeles Superior Court, and asserts a number of events that unfolded after his work on the corruption in Bell, California was published. That as in 2010, and he resigned from the paper in 2015. He won the Pulitzer in 2011.

The lawsuit alleges the newspaper essentially forced him to resign and that the paper’s editor and publisher frequently fired older employers with greater frequency than younger workers. The company also allegedly hired fewer workers older than 40 and employees on the younger end of the spectrum often were handed plum assignments and better benefits than their older counterparts.  Continue Reading ›

A new report by the AARP indicates that many New Yorkers over the age of 50 feel that age discrimination is rampant in the Big Apple. team3

According to the survey, more than 45 percent of workers over the age of 50 said that they were concerned about age discrimination at work. More than a quarter answered affirmatively when asked whether they had been denied a job opportunity because of their age. Nearly as many said they believed they had been fired, laid off or forced to retire from a job because of their age. Just as many said they had to suffer rude and discriminatory comments regarding their age from co-workers and even bosses.

Our California age discrimination lawyers know that we’re kidding ourselves if we think New York is the only place it’s happening.

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