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Two separate cases of sexual harassment filed against top-level city officials in Los Angeles has prompted two council members to urge changes in the city’s anti-harassment training courses. people1

Our Costa Mesa sexual harassment lawyers understand that for the City of Los Angeles, like many other places of employment, sexual harassment training is mandated for managers – and managers only.

The proposal made by the city’s Council President Herb Wesson and Councilwoman Nury Martinez would make it a requirement for all city employees. Additionally, rather than have the training be a two-hour online course, as it is currently, the sessions would require in-person attendance.

On the surface, it would have seemed a very straightforward case of sexual harassment. sadness1

A senior male employee corners a younger female worker with unwanted comments about her body, tells her she should participate in an orgy with him and suggests that she remove her clothing before coming into meet with him. The allegations were further substantiated by the fact that a number of other women had made similar claims.

However, our Costa Mesa sexual harassment attorneys understand that her lawsuit was swiftly dismissed, a decision upheld by a federal appellate court. The reason? According to the court, the plaintiff had no standing in the case because she was an unpaid intern, and therefore not an employee, entitled to civil rights protections under the law.