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According to a recent news report from the Los Angeles Times, 20 employees were terminated as part of the harassment investigation involving a ride sharing company.  The company has been facing a lot of bad press lately.  The chief executive resigned following what was interpreted as a sexist joke at a board meeting, and there have been various hostile work environment accusations that have led the company to undertake two separate harassment investigations.

employment discrimination LAFormer Attorney General Eric Holder, who is now a partner at a law firm that the company hired for this reason, was directing one of these investigations.  The other investigation has a much narrower focus and is being led by another large law firm. Continue Reading ›

A former engineer for Tesla Motors Inc. has sued the vehicle technology firm in a California federal court, asserting he was wrongly terminated for his age. As evidence, he cites a number of unfair criticisms and comments about his age from both co-worker and supervisors. office

The 69-year-old worker was a one-time contract employee who became full-time at the company’s facility in Fremond. Two of this three bosses reportedly made negative comments about his age. When he was fired in February, he alleges his age was a primary factor.

The employment lawsuit isn’t all that surprising. In fact, many technology companies in Silicon Valley have been facing down similar allegations. For example, IBM, Google, Twitter and Microsoft have all been defendants in California age discrimination lawsuits. Older workers say the companies disregard their valuable experience and instead bring in younger – and often more attractive and cheaper – workers.  Continue Reading ›

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