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California restaurant employees who earn tips, such as servers, bartenders, hosts, and server assistants, are in some ways more fortunate than those who do the same job in most other states around the nation.

burgersIn most states, there is a minimum wage for hourly employees and a much lower minimum wage for workers who make most of their income from tips. For example, in South Carolina, an employee working a retail job is entitled to federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. An employee at a local chain restaurant waiting tables is entitled to only $2.13 per hour from their employer, as long as they earn more than that in tips. If no customers came in one day, and a server earned less than $2.13 per hour, employer would be required to pay the difference between $2.13 and $7.25 per hour after employees tips are applied towards the deficiency. Continue Reading ›

Efforts at both the state and federal level have boosted the level of workplace protection for home health aides, nannies and other domestic workers.elderly

Our Costa Mesa wage and hour attorneys understand that two separate measures will extend minimum wage and overtime protection to these workers, many of whom historically had been treated under the law as little more than “babysitters.”

Advocates for low-wage workers say such measures will go far in ensuring that these workers – primarily female minorities – will be treated equally under the law.

A class action overtime lawsuit involving Los Angeles mechanics who alleged they were unfairly denied overtime pay by their employer has been settled for $3.5 million, meaning each claimant can expect to receive between $9,000 and $10,000. notmuchmoney

Our Costa Mesa wage and hour attorneys know that cases like this are becoming more common, as workers become more and more educated about their rights.

It helps that there are a number of recent cases in which workers have won big in these cases. That’s encouraging, but it’s also natural that workers want to fight for themselves and fair wages.

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