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The California Chamber of Commerce recently came out with an informational bulletin describing the top things employers do to get sued. SONY DSC

Employment attorneys in Orange County know that there are of course situations in which employment law violations stem not from maliciousness or greed, but rather from a misunderstanding or misapplication of the law. It doesn’t make it any more acceptable to the employee who has been wronged. However, perhaps incorporating a greater amount of education might serve to reduce the number of employees who are improperly denied overtime, base wages and breaks.

In identifying the most common employer wage and hour law offenses, the chamber starts with the classification of workers. Employers may surmise that workers would prefer a constant salary. By labeling a worker exempt, an employer can avoid having to pay overtime and can avoid having to offer certain meal and res breaks.

California has always been a trailblazer. work

The latest new territory involves being the first state to raise hourly minimum wage rates to double digits – $10-an-hour by 2016, per a bill that recently received Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature. In the interim, the rate will graduate to $9 hourly by next summer.

While this is good news, we fully anticipate this change will coincide with a rise in California wage and hour lawsuits.

A class action overtime lawsuit involving Los Angeles mechanics who alleged they were unfairly denied overtime pay by their employer has been settled for $3.5 million, meaning each claimant can expect to receive between $9,000 and $10,000. notmuchmoney

Our Costa Mesa wage and hour attorneys know that cases like this are becoming more common, as workers become more and more educated about their rights.

It helps that there are a number of recent cases in which workers have won big in these cases. That’s encouraging, but it’s also natural that workers want to fight for themselves and fair wages.

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