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Many workers in this digital age are familiar with the pings and rings of their smartphones, alerting them to work-related issues after work hours. Most assume it’s simply a part of the job, and few file for overtime compensation related to these expected duties. officerholdingcellphone

But that may change, depending on the potential precedent set by a case slated for bench trial this month. Allen v. Chicago, before the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, is one of the first of its kind to proceed to the trial phase. That’s because most similar cases are settled out-of-court before going to trial.

This class action employment lawsuit was filed by a police sergeant on behalf of himself and other similarly situated individuals who worked at the Chicago Police Department. Continue Reading ›

A U.S. District judge in northern California has not objected to a $415 million settlement, following allegations several large technology firms conspired in a wage-fixing scheme that held salaries down for many workers. managinginformation

Previously, that same judge had rejected a $325 million proposed settlement, saying it was far too low. The settlement still has to be approved, but that seems more likely now with the higher sum.

Plaintiffs had asserted Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Inc., Intel Corp. and Google Inc. together made an agreement that they would not poach employees form the other. The problem with an agreement like this is that, especially when you’re dealing with the major players in a given industry, such action can significantly limit job mobility. As a result, it means employees have little bargaining power when it comes to their salaries.

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