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When whistleblowers come forward to expose wrongdoing within a company, it is important that there be protections for thoseWhistleblower rights reporting the misdeeds. Too often whistleblowers face retaliation, including harassment at work, threats, or wrongful termination.

Even more extreme, sometimes laws are put in place that punish whistleblowers rather than the companies accused of wrongdoing.

Such is the case in Idaho where the U.S. 9th District Court of Appeals struck down part of a law meant to prevent undercover investigations in livestock and meatpacking plants. The court determined that the law, known more commonly as the “ag gag” law, violated the right to free speech under the First Amendment by too broadly restricting the ability to record and report issues within the industry, according to a report from The Associated Press. Continue reading

Employers can encounter many different types of whistleblowers in their daily operations. Most people imagine the classic example of a low-level employee who alerts federal authorities to embezzlement, fraud, or other white collar crimes. But these types of blatant offenses are increasingly rare. Whistleblowers can bring attention to a wide variety of far more subtle violations. These can all expose the unprepared employer to legal liability, poor public relations, and other damaging consequences.California whistleblower lawyers

Whistleblowers have rights under both state and federal law. The California Labor Code prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who report a violation of the law to government authorities.  Similarly, the federal Occupational Health and Safety Act also prohibits retaliation against employees who report violations of the Act. Employers who do not appropriately respond to whistleblower complaints may therefore face both state and federal liability Рin addition to administrative consequences (such as the loss of a business license) and bad publicity. Continue reading