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A recent news article from the International Business Times points out that smokers in Kentucky are protected under state law from employment discrimination, while members of the LGBT community do not have any such protection.

rainbow-flag-1144037In the wake of the sweeping victory for proponents of gay marriage after the landmark decision from the United States Supreme Court, many were hoping to follow with growing public support for gay rights and end employment discrimination against the LGBT community across the county.  Continue Reading ›

Protected classes under California state and federal law are always evolving. Minorities, women, those with disabilities and members of the gay and lesbian workforce were not always given legal authority in the face of discrimination. A new class has emerged raising a new question—should the obese be established as a protected class? According to a recent publication in the Washington Post, the overweight—specifically women who are overweight—are more likely to earn less and suffer adverse employment action, including lower pay. A new study shows that the reality of weight discrimination in the workplace may demand additional protection, especially for women.

tirednesssetsinAccording to the study, conducted by Vanderbilt University Law School, women are increasingly less likely to work in higher paying jobs and more likely to work lower paying jobs if they are heavier. The study also looked at a correlation between “personal interaction” jobs and “physical activity” jobs, the former including sales or communications positions, and the latter including home health care, food preparation or other physical positions. When comparing the data, women were likely to make less the heavier they became, even though data did not reflect the same trends among male workers. According to the analysts, men did not seem to fare any worse when they gained weight.

Though beauty or physical attractiveness have long been tied to better wages for both men and women, the reason for the disparate impact of weight on a man or woman’s income is unclear. A basic understanding of the data suggests that a woman’s appearance is simply more important on the job than a man’s. Still, the trend suggests that women are unfairly suffering from discrimination if they are overweight. Our Orange County discrimination attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of women and the disabled in the workforce. If you believe you have suffered from workplace discrimination, we can review your case, determine the proper course of action and help you protect your rights.

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